Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review of "Winning Balance" by Shawn Johnson

I was so excited to get to read this book - I received it around the 2012 Olympics, and as someone who pays close attention to gymnastics, especially at Olympics time! -I was super excited to hear Shawn's story.

Being an elite gymnast is not a simple or carefree lifestyle, and I loved that Shawn's parents were determined from the beginning that she choose it - she would not be forced - and that it stay fun and she have as typical a life as possible.  Shawn has a fun sense of humor and it's clear she doesn't take herself too seriously, but she is definitely a hard worker and clearly loves the sport.

I loved Shawn's openness in sharing her thought process regarding both her struggles and victories; I loved the 'Lesson I've Learned' feature at the end of every chapter; I appreciated her transparency in sharing her poetry in the book....all in all this was a special book and I can highly recommend it!

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