Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review of "Tandem" by Tracey Bateman

Review of "False Witness" by Randy Singer

Jamie Brock is an assistant DA with some very specific beliefs.  She is known for her unwillingness to plea bargain - ever.  Part of her passion lies in the fact that her mother was murdered in their home when she was 16, and this truly sets the tone for the course of her life.  During the time period of this story, she is under extreme stress for a number of reasons - the execution of her mother's killer is looming, her father has had a stroke and is on life support, things at work go a tiny bit haywire.  Additionally, (in a sub- yet related storyline), a well known local lawyer is arrested for allegedly killing his wife - and while in jail creates a serious stir with the gangs in the system, where no one will take a plea of any kind (and those that do, they or their loved ones are killed.)  This greatly affects her workload, and she is most definitely in need of a break.

It was nice to catch up with Jamie Brock again (a character originally introduced in "False Witness", where she was a law student) - this time as a full fledged lawyer.  This book focuses a great deal on ethics and behind the scenes of the justice system, as well as the death penalty.  I love reading Randy Singer because he obviously knows a lot about the law, so the rules, etc. ring very true - but he also knows people.  And these characters were interesting to me.

This was a very well done mystery, lots of detail but not ever overwhelming, and I enjoyed trying to figure out "who done it"....(and I was half right!)  :)

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