Friday, August 10, 2012

Review of "Annison's Risk" by Paul McCusker

It is the 1920's and 'Dreamy Madina', or Maddy as she is known, has come with her family to America from Russia to escape the Russian Revolution.  She now lives in Odyssey and often has dreams of a fairy tale princess who asks for her help.  She loves to read and has many fanciful ideas.  While playing hide and seek with a neighbor boy she is transported to a palace in Marus - where she sees the princess from her dreams.  She can only jump into this real life fairy tale with her whole heart, and she just might learn something - and help save the kingdom.

This retelling of the story of Esther was wonderfully done, and I am really enjoying the author's take on Biblical stories through the lens of Odyssey.  In the few books I've read so far, they have done a great job of depicting the truth while telling an interesting and poignant story.

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