Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review of "Problems in Plymouth" by Marianne Hering and Marshal Younger

In book six of the Imagination Station series, Mr. Whittaker has a lead on when/where Hugh is, as well as an idea of how to get him back to 1450.

So cousins Beth & Patrick, armed with a mystery brown leather pouch and a beautiful golden hand mirror with an eagle carved on the back, arrive in Plymouth - it's 1621.  They find Hugh right away, but he tells them he doesn't want to go back, because he knows he will be thrown into the tower.  They meet Indians, and are kidnapped; already captive is John Billington Jr., a Pilgrim boy.  Some of the Pilgrim leaders come to the Indians to trade for the children, and the Indians are very impressed with the hand mirror!

Hugh starts a rumor that Squanto has been kidnapped, and then in the confusion steals a musket - all of which almost starts a battle.  Eventually his ruse is discovered and the Indians realize that the Pilgrims have honored the treaty.  They decide to hold a feast to celebrate - yep, it's the first Thanksgiving!
Since everyone is preoccupied with the feast, Beth & Patrick begin to be concerned that Hugh is up to something, and he is.  He lures them to the storehouse, and in the confrontation/confusion, Hugh thinks he has Mr. Whittaker's ring...but it's really Albert's, and he's sent straight back to 1450, where he is captured and yes, sent to the tower!  Finally!  (Hugh has been a troublemaker for six books now.)

I recommend these books for your early reader!

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