Saturday, August 11, 2012

Review of "The Atonement Child" by Francine Rivers

I read this book some years ago, and not to be terribly dramatic, but it actually changed my life.  It really encouraged me to look at some beliefs I had held for years, from a slightly different angle.  I am grateful that Francine Rivers was willing to write what she did, because I imagine she took a few hits for the stand she chose.  When I re-read it this week, I was reminded once again that this is still a thought provoking book.

Dynah Carey is a college student at a small private Christian school in the midwest.  An only child, her parents live in San Francisco where she grew up.  They encouraged her to 'spread her wings' and she met her fiancee there.  One fateful night, her car in the shop, she takes the bus back to campus and is going to walk the last blocks.  She is attacked and finds out later that she is pregnant.  Everyone is horrified, some for all the wrong reasons - and no one seems to understand what she needs to hear.

This begins a journey through which Dynah learns that only God can be her source and He can ultimately turn something unspeakably terrible into something for good.

I recommend this book - no matter what you believe about abortion, it may make you think.

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