Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review of "The Cause Within You" by Matthew Barnett

I.Loved.This.Book.  What a wonderful composite of real life story, inspiration, hard truths; a great example of someone who is willing to back up the cashing of every check his mouth writes with real action.

Matthew Barnett is the son of megachurch pastor Tommy Barnett.  At 20, he began pastoring in Los Angeles and shortly after became very discouraged.  The church was in a challenging neighborhood, people weren't coming, and the plans he had made weren't coming to fruition.  One night he felt very impressed to go to Echo Park and there he specifically heard God tell him that he must build the people, and God would build the church.  This was a big turnaround to how he perceived he was supposed to handle things....but it was exactly what he needed to do.  Fast forward about 15 years and Matthew Barnett has seen God do amazing things both in his life and the lives of those around him.

I especially appreciated the obvious humility Mr. Barnett displays throughout the telling of stories in this book.  He is a real person following his God-given cause to change people's lives through serving.  We can all take serious notes both from his example and the service-driven approach to finding your personal cause.

Please, go buy this book. Then read it.  You will be glad you did, and proceeds go to assist the work they are doing at the Dream Center LA....then go find someone to serve.  It will change your life.

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