Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review of "Strange Journey Back" by Paul McCusker

This four books in one compilation has us visiting Odyssey, this time with new kid in town Mark Prescott.  He is there because his mom & dad are separated - temporarily, he hopes, but in the meantime he just plain wants to be back at home in Washington DC.

He quickly learns there are lots of things to love about Odyssey, Mr. Whittaker, the Imagination Station, a local "gang" that only does good, a new friend-who-is-a-girl Patti (you can be friends with girls, who knew?) and lots of mystery as well as life changing lessons.

I really enjoyed this compilation of books about Mark & Odyssey.  I especially appreciated the author's choice to not always have things solved quickly and easily.  I think this is a great series/book compilation for kids and I can easily recommend it.

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