Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review of "Her One and Only" by Becky Wade

The conclusion of the wonderful Porter Family series, this final installment features youngest child (and only girl) Dru Porter. Dru is a former Marine and "Executive Protection Agent" who has just been assigned to the detail of NFL player Gray Fowler. Dru feels that she has a lot to prove, and Gray is struggling with his own past. Together, they are a fiery combination.

Gray was assigned protection because he has been receiving threatening letters from a stalker. Dru is determined to not only keep him safe but solve the mystery as soon as possible. She is also determined not to become attached to or involved with her client - but the chemistry runs high and her resolve weakens as she begins to see behind the walls he has firmly in place around his true emotions.

Both main characters have deeply ingrained reasons for why they respond the way they do, and the author does a beautiful job of portraying all of her characters with multiple layers. Gray had a rough background and still has a challenging relationship with his mother; Dru has struggled to find her place in her family and the world, and really understand how God made her.

A substory of the book also brings the series full circle, focusing on Bo & Meg Porter: after numerous years of infertility, they have finally conceived - and are having twins! However, there are some complications that force Meg to trust God much deeper than she would prefer.

I loved this entire series, and am sorry to see it wrap up. Becky Wade's writing is fun and moving and thought provoking and is easy to recommend this book! Please note: although all of them could technically stand alone, if you haven't read 1-3 of this series I would suggest starting at the beginning. Enjoy!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Review of "Lead Me Home" by Amy K. Sorrells

James Horton pastors a small community church in the also small town of Sycamore, Indiana - a church that is just weeks away from shutting the doors. Still grieving the death of his wife, and father to a (once vibrant and now difficult) teenage daughter, he is broken hearted in all areas of his life. He's been at this church for the last 20 years and views the closure as a personal failure.

Nearby neighbor Noble Burden grew up with James' daughter, Shelby. He is a gifted musician who has inherited the responsibilities of the dairy farm that his abusive father abandoned when he left their family. He struggles to reconcile his feelings about the weight of responsibility to the farm and his family, with his musical dreams.

Amy K. Sorrells is such an interesting writer. She clearly paints a clear picture of the challenges AND the rewards of being small. Everything I've read of hers has been thought provoking - "Lead Me Home" is her third book, and I strongly recommend you check out the other two.

I was given a copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.