Monday, June 22, 2015

Review of "A Worthy Pursuit" by Karen Witemeyer

Another fun historical story from Karen Witemeyer! When the Academy for Exceptional Youths Schoolteacher Charlotte Atherton works at closes, she must make a decision to protect some of her students (primarily Lily) and flees with them. She soon finds herself being pursued by a tracker, hired by one of the student's grandfathers.

What tracker Stone Hammond doesn't know is that the wealthy grandfather who hired him to find Lily is really a dishonest man, and his reasons for wanting Lily are less than ethical. Also, Lily's mother named Charlotte as the guardian in her will - so he has no legal standing.

Charlotte and Stone soon find themselves on the same team, but the danger has not ended. How will they respond? Can it all work out in the end? Read this book to find out more about this romantic adventure set in the late 1800's.
I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review of "Desperate Measures" by Sandra Orchard

Book three in the Port Aster Secrets series, amateur sleuth Kate Adams and her now boyfriend Detective Tom Parker may finally resolve the truth about the mystery (miracle?) plant and get to the bottom of who is at the root of all the trouble.

Kate was a somewhat frustrating heroine for me, as she continually refused to trust Tom, trying to do everything on her own. Many of the challenges she faces are a direct result of her own doing and it was difficult to be sympathetic. Unfortunately, I became annoyed when she did this ONE MORE TIME (and another...and another...) Additionally, it seemed that the major player's speculations on who the bad guys are and how to solve this mystery rarely pan out - the characters don't seem especially savvy considering their intelligence level and occupations, and I found it hard to want to root for them. They repeatedly exercised poor judgment (and this was a regular occurrence throughout the series.)

To sum up, I feel very little about this book. I didn't love it, and I didn't hate it. As always I will suggest that you read it for yourself and make your own decision!

I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review of "How to Tie a Tie" by Ryan Tristan Jin

"The Gentlemen's Guide to Getting Dressed", this handbook and personal valet for men is chock full of tips and tricks on how to make sure you find the perfect style for you. Included are historical tidbits and even a color wheel and chart to help you become a master mixer.

There are also step by step instructions on how to tie every tie you can think of, and yes, there are pictures! There's even a chapter on collar, cufflink, and jacket styles; followed by one that details accessories (collar stays, pocket squares, watches, shoes, etc.).

Who do you know that would love to up his game in this department? This would be a perfect gift for Father's Day or anytime of the year! Check it out!

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

How to Tie a Tie

Friday, June 12, 2015

Review of "Once Upon a Summertime" by Melody Carlson

Book 1 in the Follow Your Heart series, this lighthearted romance novel from prolific author Melody Carlson does not disappoint. Anna Gordon's life has not gone exactly as she planned or expected, but she's adjusting...isn't she? Until she has a crisis at work, a frank conversation with her grandmother, and simultaneously receives an offer she just can't pass up: the opportunity to move to New York City and work at a new boutique hotel in the heart of the city - a long time dream come true!

However, things are not always what they seem, and Anna soon discovers that she is stronger than she thinks. Will she thrive in her new life? Or just survive? Read this book to find out!

I received this book from Revell Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

Review of "Untangled" by Carey Scott

What a beautiful dissection of the insecurities that plague us all to some degree - and the tools to unknot those tangles they create. Carey Scott is extremely transparent about the challenges she has experienced in her own life, and speaks so many great truths in this book. With chapters such as "The Tangled Web of Social Media" and "Tangled Up in Our Kids", she speaks to the numerous different ways we can become tangled up in life - unable to be free to live out what God has called us to do and be.

Many of the chapters end with "His Anchor" (relevant verses) and an "Untangling Prayer", along with some thought-provoking "Loosening the Knot" questions. This would be a great small group book as well as one for individual study. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about this book. Everyone should read it!

I received a copy of this book from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Review of "Love's Rescue" by Christine Johnson

Book 1 in the Keys of Promise series, this historical romance novel highlights the expectations of a "perfect" Southern woman in the mid-1800's, with the flavor of the sea thrown in.

Elizabeth Benjamin has loved Rourke O'Malley for years. Unfortunately, he is not on her approved list of suitors and her family is determined that she marry "appropriately". Their opinion of appropriate far differs from hers, and much conflict ensues. To complicate matters, she soon learns that her father is at heart not the man she perceived him to be.

Add in crazy weather challenges, power and money struggles, slavery, and true love, and you have the formula for a good story with numerous twists and turns.

I received a copy of this book from Revell for my honest review.