Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review of "Voyage with the Vikings" by Marianne Hering & Paul McCusker

Beth & Patrick are cousins in Odyssey who, after meeting Mr. Whittaker and taking a peek at the Imagination Station, are surprised to find out that *they* can make it work - and travel in time!  

It is the year 1000, and their mission is to find a Viking sunstone.  When they arrive, they discover that Vikings are pretty fierce, and they don't shake hands.  They meet Erik the Red and his son, Leif, who is a Christian (his dad doesn't approve).  They also get to see the Northern Lights and teach the King about kindness and loving your enemies.

I think these are wonderful books for an earlier reader. The combination of history and fantasy (they are able to take their knowledge of historical events and make educated decisions on how to behave, etc.), really adds to the story.  I recommend this series!

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