Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review of "Attack at the Arena" by Marianne Hering & Paul McCusker

In their second adventure, cousins Beth & Patrick must travel to ancient Rome to find a silver cup (chalice).  Upon their arrival, they are almost eaten by a tiger in the arena!  They are startled by the disregard for life in Rome.  Beth is essentially captured by an overzealous guard who thinks she is a runaway Roman slave for Emperor Honorius, who she finds to be very young and a little crazy.  Patrick meets monk Telemachus, and through a wild series of events, both Beth & Patrick end up at the arena again, where Beth is assisting the emperor with his birds and Patrick is being escorted into the arena to fight to the death!  The entire adventure allows them to assist Telemachus in helping to end the Roman games once and for all.

There were many such dramatic moments in this book, and again history and fantasy are combined to entertain as well as teach a lesson.

I think these are great books for an earlier reader.  I recommend this series!

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