Friday, August 31, 2012

Review of "Draven's Defiance" by Paul McCusker

It's 1979, and Scott Graham and his friends decide to check out a railroad tunnel.  He hits his head and comes back out of the tunnel to find that everything has changed.  Odyssey is gone, and in it's place is a very strange land where time seems to have stopped.  Completely.

Scott (Elisha) meets Draven (Elijah) and quickly figures out that Draven is the mortal enemy of Supreme Commander Mobeck and his wife Skalaw (King Ahab & Queen Jezebel).  Mobeck & Skalaw, along with their advisers, come up with many reasons why time (literally) has stopped, but in reality only the Unseen One can make it start again.  He does, in a huge way, and afterwards Draven confronts Mobeck & Skalaw.  However, things don't go as he expected and he retreats, completely undone.

This one is different from the rest of the Passages books, in that Scott never returns to Odyssey.  His parents always knew that God had called him to something special.  Also, back in Odyssey, Whit & Jack are talking with James Curtis and he asks them if they believe...when they express that they aren't sure, his disappointment is evident and they don't speak again.  We learn in book 6 that James has "disappeared' from Hillingdale Haven.  Could he be permanently in Marus as he wished?

This retelling of the story of Elijah & Elisha was one of my favorites of this series - I really enjoy the author's take on Biblical stories through the lens of Odyssey. As with the other books, this was a wonderful way of depicting the truth while telling an interesting and poignant story. I highly recommend this series, both for children and adults.

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