Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review of "Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn

"Real Gold Fears No Fire."  This book was tough to read for me - but in the best way.  It was enlightening, eye opening, moving....

Ben Fielding and Li Quan were roommates at Harvard back in the day.  Following Ben's example, Li Quan becomes a Christ follower and eventually returns to China.  Ben gets married and has kids, drifts away from God, becomes very successful in business - then gets divorced and is generally disillusioned in life but just can't figure out why.

Li Quan goes back to China, marries, and has his one 'allowed' child.  He continues his relationship with Christ and in fact risks his life and livelihood to participate in the underground church in China.  Ben is required to travel on business to China and asks if he can stay with Li Quan and his family, for research.  He quickly discovers that after 20 years things are very different than what he expected, and the longer he stays the stronger his convictions that things in China need to change.

I strongly recommend this book.  Especially if you live in the US, your eyes will be opened to the differences and lack of freedoms that many other countries experience.

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