Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review of "The Scarlet Thread" by Francine Anderson

Sierra Madrid has spent much of her life getting her way.  When her husband Alex has the job opportunity of a lifetime (that he has been dreaming about for years) he jumps on it - and then informs her of  his decision, even though the transition requires them to move.  She is not consulted, she is brokenhearted - and she spends the next few years being angry.  And we are off on the journey of a marriage with communication gone seriously wrong.

I'm celebrating my 15th anniversary today.  It has not always been easy; it's not always been hard, either.  :)  But I know from experience, the miscommunications people have in marriage can really lead to major heartache, and Sierra and Alex's story is a perfect example of this.  Francine Rivers writes a moving tale of heartbreak and ultimately renewal that is not only a great read, but a lesson everyone can learn from.

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