Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review of "The Last Sacrifice" by Hank Hanegraaf & Sigmund Brouwer

Helius, Nero's right hand man holds onto a lot of hate for Vitas, and has conspired to have him sent to the arena.  We begin 'The Last Sacrifice' with "Vitas" being in the arena (but it's not him! someone has taken his place), and the real Vitas is smuggled onto a ship with John.  Later, Helius discovers the switch and is desperate to have Vitas found and killed before Nero discovers his failure.  He also figures out that Sophia, who was invited to suicide by Nero, has actually faked her demise and escaped as well.  More plotting.  Nero's madness increases.  Vitas' brother Damian continues to follow the clues to find his brother.  Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, the rebellion increases and we catch up with Valeria, Quintus, and Maglorious again.  Annas the Younger is as evil as ever and is making moves to regain his position as high priest.  John & Vitas arrive in Patmos and the plot thickens.

This book was so complicated to me.  I had a hard time keeping all the plotlines straight.  Some obscure storylines from the first book appear - and sometimes for a few pages only - in this one.  I know this won't be a popular opinion -and maybe I was just mentally tired- but trying to keep up with it all, and keeping straight who was plotting against who was exhausting.  I can't say it wasn't interesting, just challenging.  I felt like this book was a transition to get us to the final book in this series.

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