Friday, August 31, 2012

Review of "Seal of God" by Chad Williams

Chad Williams is an aimless kid - always on to the 'next' thing.  Successful one minute and making horrible decisions the next.  Going all out - and then burning out.  He has excelled in a number of pursuits, but always moves on to something when he tells his parents he is going to be a Navy SEAL, you can imagine their reaction.  His dad finds someone to train him (US Navy SEAL Scott Helvenston), and Chad so respects their relationship that he takes the workouts very seriously and subsequently begins to change.

Just before Chad is scheduled to begin basic training he turns on the television (to begin his workout!) and sees a newsflash that his mentor and friend has been brutally murdered - ambushed - in Iraq.  Now more than ever, Chad is determined to become a SEAL and make Scott proud.

Chad details the super-crazy-extreme-hard-really hard-life changing things one must go through to become a SEAL.  He also shares his own complete life 180, committing to follow Christ which transforms him in so many other important ways.

I loved reading Chad's life story.  This is a world I don't have much experience in and I just found it fascinating, as well as inspirational.  Please read this book!

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