Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review of "All in Good Time" by Maureen Lang

Dessa Caldwell is an orphan with what she feels is a sketchy past.  Henry Hawkins is a well-respected but reclusive banker, who works with his Uncle Tobias.  When Dessa comes to the bank for a loan -she wants to purchase a home in which local prostitutes can have another safe option to live and pursue a (healthy) trade- Uncle Tobias grants the loan, against Henry's wishes.  And so, their connection continues and develops.  There is some intrigue, danger, romance, and social issues.  Although this novel is set in the "Gilded Age" in Colorado, it's themes (prostitution, sex slavery, secrets) are certainly still relevant today.

Redemption is also a key theme; for Henry for his past choices, for Dessa understanding she too can have the forgiveness and understanding she so willingly gives others, etc., and there is a lovely bow tied on to the ending!  This seems to be a well-researched and thoughtful novel and I can easily recommend it as well as the other titles by Maureen Lang.

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