Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review of "You Don't Know Me" by Susan May Warren

A Deep Harbor novel, "You Don't Know Me" is also a stand-alone book.  (Personally I love that Susan May Warren does this, that all of the Deep Harbor books can be read without reading the others and you won't be lost - although I think it does add to the experience to have read the rest.)

Annalise Decker is a pillar in the community, a well-respected wife and involved mother who harbors a seriously deep secret - she used to be Diedre O'Reilly, a key witness whose testimony put a dangerous criminal in prison.  She has been "relocated" in Deep Harbor for more than 20 years.  Even her husband doesn't know her real name or anything about her past!  Now, the criminal is out on bail, and is seeking revenge on the woman who put him away.

I enjoyed this book.  Secrets have such painful potential, and the author illustrates well "what a tangled web we weave..."  I did find myself at points saying, "Tell them already!!" because it seemed that although she was well-intentioned and wanted to protect her loved ones, in the end it caused increasing harm and confusion.  I also appreciated the redemption aspect of this story.  I recommend this book to all readers.

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