Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review of "Congo Dawn" by Jeanette Windle

This book was SO detailed -and quite frankly, felt really complicated - that at first I had a hard time "getting in to it".  However, I kept going and am very glad I did.

Christina Robin Duncan, aka Lt. Chris Robin Duncan (she goes by Robin) is a former Marine in a long family line of Marines - all male.  She feels she has a lot to prove in general, but after her brother tragically dies in Afghanistan while they are both on a tour of duty, her life takes several unexpected turns.  She blames his best friend and the man she loved for his death, and has been carrying a grudge for the past five years.

She takes a new assignment working as an interpreter for a private international security firm, journeying back to the Congo, where a conspiracy begins to materialize.  Many lives are at stake and Robin is confronted with major decisions that change the way she views the world.  Also, Dr. Michael Stewart is there and as they reconnect through the course of this story, her entire world shifts as she comes to terms with the God who loves her and the man she thought abandoned her all those years ago.

This taut thriller certainly delivers and you will be glad you picked it up!

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