Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review of "Tangled Ashes" by Michele Phoenix

Marshall Becker is an alcoholic.  A gifted artist who is in charge of renovating Lamorlaye Castle in France, his alcoholism impairs his relationships and occasionally his work.  His employer's nanny Jade provides Marshall's meals during his stay in the chateau and although he is drawn to her, I didn't feel as if either of the characters ever fully developed.  Alternate chapters in the book take you back to WWII times when the Germans occupied the chateau.  (That part of the story did tie together at the end in a satisfactory way for my taste.)

The bottom line for me is that I didn't find any of the main characters extremely likeable or even a tiny bit relatable.  I'm not sure exactly why; it could be me, but although I think I would describe it as well-written, I simply had a hard time finishing this book.

I was previously unacquainted with Michele Phoenix. Even though I can't say this book was my favorite, I am willing to read more and look forward to getting "In Broken Places".

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