Friday, June 7, 2013

Review of "A Heart for Freedom" by Chai Ling

An unflinchingly honest portrayal of situations that still have worldwide impact, Chai Ling seems to hold nothing back as she tells the story of her life.  Raised in a culture where the value of a girl is quite low, and education and loyalty to country (i.e. government) is everything - she had a mind of her own and the courage to speak out.  She rose to leadership in the movement towards democracy in China, becoming the "commander" at the Defend Tiananmen Square Headquarters, and after the massacre living (barely) on the run.  She escaped as a refugee to the United States where she worked very hard to move away from her past and into a preferable future.  She soon discovers that knowledge, passion, and hard work are not enough for her until she finally finds healing from the pain of her past by discovering and accepting God's grace and forgiveness.

What an interesting, moving, and powerful story.  Chai Ling has lived an incredible life to be sure - and I am grateful she chose to share her story with the world.  This book is a must read.

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