Friday, June 7, 2013

Review of "Man in the Blue Moon" by Michael Morris

This book is set in Florida during WWI and the focuses on the Wallace family.  Husband Harlan has abandoned his wife Ella and their three boys, Samuel, 16 (almost but not quite a man, who is in dire need of a dad-in-his-right-mind), Keaton, 13 (on the cusp of manhood who desperately wants to do the right thing), and Macon, 6.  They are all dealing with the fallout of not only his absence but his opium addiction and ensuing bad decisions that have left them with a very precarious financial situation.

There are so many major characters and detailed sub-stories but this book has everything from base human behaviors to strong friendships to generational curses to forgiveness.  While there is not a pretty bow-tied ending, personally I was still satisfied with how he ended this story.  There is an interesting personal story from the author at the end as well.

This was my first Michael Morris book and initially I was unsure how I would describe it and if I could say I enjoyed it; however, as I continued to read, it definitely grew on me.  I can positively recommend "Man in the Blue Moon".

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