Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review of "Take a Chance on Me" by Susan May Warren

Another Deep Haven novel.  This is one of my favorites.

The Christiansen family has owned the Evergreen Lake Resort for decades, and their oldest son Darek ("Dare" for short) loves the land, the resort, and his family, that includes his son, passionately.  He has been deeply wounded and angry since his wife died - and is at odds not only with her family, but himself as well.

Ivy Madison is the new assistant county attorney, a former foster child who has a deep need to belong somewhere.  She is elated to be living in Deep Haven, but experiences some trauma/drawbacks to everyone knowing not only each other's names - but their business as well.  It makes her job much more challenging;  she finds it increasingly more difficult to be objective about matters of the law, when her heart comes into play.

Darek and Ivy fall in love but through a series of misunderstandings and conflicts of interest are torn apart.

Susan May Warren is a favorite author.  She crafts a wonderful story that those who are trapped in pain from their past, can find redemption through grace and forgiveness.  I definitely recommend this book.

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