Monday, June 24, 2013

Review of "Undaunted" by Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell ('Joslin' is his given name) has led a life that most people would crumble under - or at the very least be bitter and unproductive in life.  Born in Michigan in the late 30's -with much older siblings, and during wartime- Jos quickly realizes that his dad is an alcoholic and his mom is abused.  His animosity towards his dad quickly turns to hatred and he dreams of ways to make him suffer and perhaps hasten his departure from the earth

Another major factor in Jos' young life is the years of sexual abuse he suffers at the hands of their family's hired "house help", Wayne.  All of these atrocities create a hurting and angry young man that becomes a very high achiever, a hard worker.  He graduates high school, has a brief time in the military, and goes to college where one of the pivotal moments of his life occurs.  He is running for class president, and while seeking to gain votes has a conversation where he is challenged by the "Christian clique", as he calls it, to disprove the resurrection of Jesus.  He takes this challenge extremely seriously, doing major research and even traveling to Europe in his quest to prove them wrong.  What he discovers shocks him to his core and his life (and the lives of countless others) will never be the same.

What a powerful story - I read it straight through with hardly a break!  I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

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