Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review of "Today We Are Rich" by Tim Sanders

I typically read a great deal of fiction, so self-help/motivational books aren't always at the top of my list.  But after reading "Now We Are Rich", I am a Tim Sanders fan - and am grateful I took the time to read this book.

Tim, a former executive at Yahoo, was raised by his grandmother Billye.  She took him in at an early age and was (still is) instrumental in teaching Tim some priceless principles that have shaped his life as well as the lives of others as he shares. The title of this book comes from Billye, who made the statement after giving away time, shoes, and what was some serious cash for her at the time to a virtual stranger who did some work on their farm.  This opening story was very touching, and it's easy to see that although Tim has not always been "successful" (what he calls the sideways years), he has always been rich.  The book moves at a great pace and flow, combining those stories along with directives and principles - step by step instruction, really - for confidence.

I truly appreciate the principles I gained from reading this book and I know you will as well.  I highly recommend it!

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