Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review of "While the World Watched" by Carolyn Maull McKinstry

The memoir of Carolyn Maull McKinstry's life is centered around her part in the Civil Rights Movement. Carolyn was a survivor of the 1963 Birmingham bombings in which four of her friends died. She also participated in protests with Martin Luther King Jr. as a teen and experienced many different challenges and heartaches. Through it all her faith in Jesus helped to sustain her, although she had years of alcoholism and what we would likely describe today as post-traumatic stress disorder.

This was a very interesting and ultimately inspiring book. So many tragedies in our nation's history of people treating others beyond poorly. Sprinkled throughout the book are different speeches from John F. Kennedy, George Wallace, and Martin Luther King; all of which serve to give great perspective and historical accuracy of what occurred. She also opens each chapter with a Bible verse, quote, or newspaper article excerpt that applies to the topic. All in all this was a well-written and fascinating book, and it is easy to recommend.

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