Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review of "Visible Threat" by Janice Cantore

We catch up with Police Officer Brinna Caruso following the death of her nemesis, and although she is still the "Kid Crusader," in this book she is thrown into the fire surrounding the human trafficking industry. While helping with a rescue that leaves another officer permanently disabled and Brinna herself injured, they discover much more than they bargained for. The funding for Brinna's K-9 partner, Hero, has just been cut and she is concerned.

Happily married and a mother of twins, specialty shop owner Magda Boteva has a secret that not even her husband knows - and she has been living in fear for far too long. She is just about to her breaking point - no matter the cost.

Office Jack O'Reilly is moving past the death of his wife and may be beginning to have feelings for Brinna that are moving past friendship...but does she feel the same way?

This is the second book about Brinna Caruso, written by real-life retired police officer Janice Cantore. You will enjoy the mystery, suspense, and behind the scenes police info you'll find in this book!

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