Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review of "All For a Sister" by Allison Pittman

The final book in the "All For A..." series by Allison Pittman, I think this one is my favorite. All are set in the Roaring Twenties with some link to the evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, and here in "All For a Sister," the author has even provided a mystery.

Celeste DuFrane has grown up in a life of privilege, while Dana Lundgren has been in prison for 20 years. Marguerite DuFrane is wealthy but bitter woman with many secrets, and her husband Arthur is a scientist trying to develop color for the movies - with a sad propensity for affairs.

Told in an interesting format, the author combines several different perspectives - the Confession of Marguerite DuFrane; Celeste (different ages); movie scripts that tell Dana's backstory; and I especially loved the present day Dana stories with titles such as "Dana Goes to Warner Brothers" and "Dana Goes For A Drive And Learns To Hold On To Her Hat." Personally, I found it interesting that although the author bounced around I still easily understood and followed the story. It also contributed to maintaining a high level of interest as the secrets began to unfold. I recommend this entire series as well as this great author!

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