Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review of "Claiming Mariah" by Pam Hillman

Set in Wyoming in the late 1800's, Mariah Malone's father has recently passed away and she is struggling to keep the family ranch afloat. Slade Donavan's alcoholic father died years ago, but not before making known that he was the sole owner of the gold that the Malone's ranch was purchased with. He arrives to claim what he believes is rightfully his, and Mariah sadly acquiesces. He has lots of baggage from growing up too soon; she is rocked by the revelations that her father may not be who she always believed; and their attraction to each other is at times inconvenient, but nonetheless real.

This is a sweet romance set in a (somewhat) simpler time. The author also weaves a mystery throughout the story of forgiveness, trust in God, and how family pride can be helpful OR hurtful. I can easily recommend this book.

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