Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review of "Raw Faith" by Kasey Van Norman

Kasey Van Norman is a married mother of two and an author. Her book "Raw Faith" is a combination of a memoir exploring her journey through cancer and chemotherapy and a Bible study/inspirational book. She shares journal entries and Scripture, as well as her thought process in how she handles her fight. She is very transparent with her fear and anger as well as her ultimate choice to have complete faith, what she describes as Raw Faith, in God and what He is doing with her life.

In the end, she decides that Jesus is enough. God is faithful. And that as painful and difficult as her battle with cancer was, she wouldn't change the path He has taken her on today. She is especially thankful for the maturity she received throughout her journey with cancer. If you are struggling with any challenge, difficulty, or heartbreak, you will enjoy this book.

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