Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review of "So Long, Insecurity Teen Edition" by Beth Moore

Besides having one of my favorite book titles ever, this teen edition (in a magazine-book format) is great for your pre-teen and teen girl. Beth talks to teen girls in a language that makes sense and tells them to quit comparing themselves to others (focus on seeing yourself how God sees you and learning who He wants you to be) as well as talking about a Godly perspective on media, boys, fashion, social status, your gifts and talents, and much more. Backed up with pictures and thought provoking questions, this book is a great conversational tool that will get your girl to ask questions that go a little deeper than does he like me? am I pretty enough?

She also includes verses, group discussion questions, Real Girl testimonials, and Q & A with Beth. One of my favorite parts was the section on what defines "a secure girl." The entire book is well written and presented in an eye-catching way. Everything is designed to make you think. It's very healthy and I cannot recommend it enough!!!

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