Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review of "When God Intervenes" by Dabney Hedegard

Dabney Hedegard married her husband Jason at a (relatively) young age and they experienced some typical struggles through their first years of marriage; financial, relational, etc.; but very little could prepare them for the long battle of severe illness Dabney was about to experience.  She simultaneously discovered she was pregnant and had Hodgkin's lymphoma, presented in a football-sized mass in her chest.  Because she was pregnant, she decided to postpone treatment to give her daughter a best case chance for survival.  This first disease was only the beginning of a number of severe illnesses that Dabney would soon endure - including 10 years of cancer, serious heart disease/issues, pulmonary embolism, at one point she had acute pneumonia....the list literally goes on and on.  Most people don't even experience one of these serious health problems, let alone all of them. Numerous times Dabney's family was told to come say their goodbyes, and she was amazed to find out later of all the miraculous ways God intervened.

Her husband Jason's faith and words from God gave her increased faith and her hearts desire, to be a healthy mom, is now happening.  She wrote this book as part of her promise to God to tell her story in book form.  Today Dabney is a (healthy!) speaker and writer and wife and mother...with a miraculous story of healing and God's intervention.

I read "When God Intervenes" straight through in less than a day - inspiring and life-giving, I am grateful she wrote this book.

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