Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review of "Misery Loves Company" by Rene Gutteridge

Rene Gutteridge's newest book, "Misery Loves Company", is a combination of possible murder, mystery, some humor, and most definitely love.

Widow Juliet "Jules" Belleno is a writer whose primary contact with the outside world is through her blog. Since her police officer husband Jason's untimely death, she rarely leaves her home.  On a rare trip out to the grocery store, she unexpectedly sees her favorite author (who lives locally) - and her entire life takes a very unexpected turn.  We are not sure if the turn will eventually be a good one, or something that Jules and those who love her will regret deeply.

Jason's partner, Chris Downey, was supposed to look after Jules.  In her grief, she pushed him away....but he has thought about her regularly.  Her disappearance sends him on a mission to find out not only her whereabouts but ultimately leads him to the truth about Jason's death, and it will be life changing.

I truly enjoy Rene Gutteridge's style of writing.  She always mixes humor and unexpected situations in with her mystery, and will keep her readers guessing details even up until the end.  She provides a great ending for my personal tastes :) and I appreciate the conflict she created within Jules and author Patrick Reagan.  It is easy to recommend this book.

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