Monday, August 19, 2013

Review of "Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist (learning to be free)" by Amanda Jenkins

One of the best books I've read all year, if not likely to join my lifetime top 10.  Amanda Jenkins's 'Confessions' is honest, witty, and compelling.  It helps that her voice as well as her issues are similar to mine, however, I can only guess that there are others out there dealing with similar challenges too.

Presented in a fun and transparent way, this book discusses topics on everything from Vanity to Obedience, Parenthood to Diet Coke (yes Diet Coke) and she is unflinchingly honest in her self assessments - her real-ness is refreshing.  She shares personal stories and verses and heart thoughts; other's stories and life lessons; all in a way that was illuminating to me and encouraging at the same time.  We are after all, works in progress - and this book does not claim to show you how to get it all together and be free from perfectionism (or whatever plagues you) - but it does give a great deal of hope.

I can't recommend it enough.

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