Monday, August 5, 2013

Review of "Road Trip to Redemption" by Brad Mathias

In "Road Trip to Redemption", Brad Mathias tells the story of his family and unfortunately it wasn't always a pretty picture.  A successful doctor, Brad and his wife Paige had three children - Jessica, Bethany, and Caleb.  Sadly, through a series of events they were actually on the verge of divorce, when Brad experienced a Divine Intervention and came to a personal relationship with Jesus.

He immediately took steps to restore his marriage and family, and in time, believed they were on a strong and healthy path. Their children seemed to be moving in a good direction also, behaving as typical teens/pre-teens do.  However, in 2009 Brad & Paige began to notice unusual changes in Bethany, and initially thought she was simply experiencing teenage angst.  Then one night while praying, Brad & Paige felt nudged by God to 'ask Bethany what she is hiding from you.'  They did....and their world was changed instantly.

What they discovered during that conversation and in the days and weeks following changed the entire course of their family and led them to take the Road Trip detailed here. A combination between parenting how-to and the story of the Mathias family's journey to health and healing, this is an interesting book.  I highly recommend it.

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