Friday, August 9, 2013

Review of "Prototype" by Jonathan Martin

"What happens when you discover you're more like Jesus than you think?" is one of the main questions that Jonathan Martin asks in this book.  Because the subject matter is of interest to me, I was prepared to enjoy this book - and was definitely not disappointed.  Nor will you be.

What would it look like to live in your true identity as God's creation, his sons and daughters? To be completely free to be who He created you to be, to have your identity defined in and by Him, not your stuff, your job, or what others say you should be and do?  These questions and many more are discussed and answered in this book.

I find it's usually a bit of a challenge to review and fully do justice in describing a non-fiction book, as they typically combine so many factors - stories, real-life examples and illustrations, practical application - this book certainly does that and more - and I find that what I might share with you now can't communicate the richness and flavor found here.  What I can tell you is that a) Mr. Martin's style of writing appeals to my sense of humor and communication style....broad enough that I bet it will speak to you as well; and b) if you have ever attended a church, any church, and found yourself a tiny bit or wholly dissatisfied, left wanting, will especially enjoy "Letter to a Ravaged Bride" at the end.

Get it. Read it. Chew on it for a while.  I for one am glad I didn't check this one out of the library but have it on my iPad to re-read and share.  :)

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