Monday, August 26, 2013

Review of "Courageous Grace" by Gayle Haggard

Not just grace, but *Courageous* Grace.  Gayle Haggard's insight into this topic is hard won to be sure....this book focuses on the depth of courage that is truly necessary for people to give grace to each other, rather than the typical book on the grace of God and how amazing it is.

Gayle intersperses personal stories from her own trials - and triumphs - along with Bible verses, other's stories and more.  She discusses sin and judgment, being slow to forgive, holding different people to different standards, and having the idea that once we come to know Christ, sin stops. It doesn't - and some people's failings are more public than others - but God still responds graciously in forgiveness and love, and so should we. He sets the example for us to follow.

One of the main takeaways I got from this book (and my thoughts have been coming back to it again and again, as some of the concepts she presents are very intriguing to me) is on the subject of restoration in the church.  It's probably my favorite chapter, and I believe she is well-equipped to have a strong viewpoint.  Please run don't walk to pick up this book. ;)

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