Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review of "Popular" by Tindell Baldwin

Tindell Baldwin had one focus in her teen years: to be popular by any means possible. She began drinking, smoking, doing drugs, having sex. In her memoir "Popular: Booze, Boys, & Jesus" she tells that although she had an amazing family who loved her unconditionally, although she was pretty, although she knew all about Jesus; she still was trying to fill a perceived emotional void that she ultimately determined could only be filled by God.

She is very transparent in this memoir, sharing very raw and vulnerable parts of her story. In no way is she trying to make herself look good, or downplay any of the choices she made. The book is divided into two parts, "Dark" and "Light" - and she is very open about what her decisions cost her.  I can easily recommend this book for anyone, but especially for a teen going through a tough time and/or a parent of a child who is struggling. This book will give you hope.

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