Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review of "Bridge to Haven" by Francine Rivers

The long-awaited newest Francine Rivers novel, "Bridge to Haven", is a sweeping saga that takes the reader from a small town in California, to the Korean War, to the big screen in Hollywood, and back again.

When a caring pastor and family man finds an abandoned newborn baby under a bridge while on his morning prayer walk, he soon realizes that things in his family's life are going to change. What he doesn't realize at the time is just how much change is around the corner.

Baby Abra grows up and believes, inaccurately, that she is not loved, and is not even worthy of it anyways. She begins to rebel accordingly, making some extremely bad decisions that have lasting negative impact. Certain that is she can be a "star" she will finally be worthy and important, she does not consider those she's left behind. She also doesn't consider how some of her choices will affect the ones who love her.

Ms. Rivers was reportedly inspired by a story in the Bible from Ezekiel, and it's clear she has done her homework about the era. Although I love all of her books and was definitely prepared to love this one....I just....liked it. I can't rave about it. I felt like there were a few plot points that weren't resolved and I was left hanging, and I eventually became annoyed by Abra's stubbornness, as she was bringing a lot of her heartache upon herself. You can only sympathize with so many bad decisions; then it starts to feel frustrating. All that to say! - I definitely think it is worth reading and forming your own opinion.

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