Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review of "Mark of Disctinction" by Jessica Dotta

The second book in the "Price of Privilege" series by a favorite new author, our continuation of Julia's story was easily worth the wait.

We again enter the Victorian era and begin immediately where book 1, "Born of Persuasion" left off. (By the way, if you haven't yet read the first book in this series - please don't attempt this one. You'll be very confused. You'll also be quite happy you were able to read them both in succession, rather than having to wait ages for number 2 like the rest of us.)  :)

Julia has "escaped" Mr. Macy and is now living under the protection of her father, Lord Pierson. She is immediately swept up into more intrigue and confusion, as she continues to learn the rules of London society and is forced to be presented as the Emerald Heiress. She finds an ally in Lord Dalry, her father's protégé who is coming into power himself, all as she is trying to discover what she really believes and again, who she can trust.

This beautifully written, suspenseful, interesting, and well-developed story is very worthy of your investment of time and money to have in your collection.

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