Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review of "All For a Story" by Allison Pittman

Monica Bisbaine is a flapper girl and newspaper columnist who wants so much more for her life, yet she continues to settle. Personally, she is scandalously dating a married man (to her credit, she didn't know he was married when he first pursued her; however now that she knows she is unwilling to break it off). Professionally, she skates on the edge of danger with the gossip column she writes anonymously for a local paper, "Monkey Business" -telling all the social hotspots (including speakeasies).

When the paper's owner dies unexpectedly, his distant nephew Maximilian Moore inherits the estate, such as it is, including the newspaper. He moves to DC from California and begins to make some changes. Although Monica is not happy with all of his decisions, she is drawn to him for reasons she struggles to understand.

As always, Ms. Pittman provides great characters and a rich in history story that you will enjoy. Check out her other titles as well; you won't be disappointed!

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