Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review of "The Auschwitz Escape" by Joel C. Rosenberg

Whew, this one was tough. The writing was excellent and the story compelling, but what a difficult subject. When dealing with historical fiction, I personally find it a wonderful way to get a feel for what the day/culture must have been like while enjoying a great story. This book was no exception on that note; but the topic, simply painful.

Jacob Wiesz is a young Jew growing up in his family's beloved Germany. As the Nazis begin to come into power, he finds it hard to believe that so much hate exists in the world. Through a series of horrifying events, Jacob eventually joins the rebels fighting the terrible tide of insane prejudice. Although he experiences some success, one operation goes terribly wrong and he finds himself being taken to Auschwitz. Navigating the unthinkable, he is determined to escape and tell the world what is actually happening there - these are not work camps, they are death camps; and the Nazis will give anything to keep that quiet. Jacob will do anything to get out.

And even though it is certainly a difficult subject to read about, much less comprehend, it is absolutely worthy of your investment of time and resources. This is truly an important book.

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