Sunday, June 29, 2014

Review of "Life Support" by Candace Calvert

Another book in the author's Grace Medical series (these can be stand alone books, but as they include some of the same characters I believe you'll have a richer experience if you read in order).

Lauren Barclay is a nurse at Grace Medical in Houston, where she has recently returned to be closer to her family. Her younger sister Jessica has been having a tough time and Lauren is unsure of the true cause. Eli Landry is a PA at Grace who has some family struggles of his own, as he is in a long and difficult power struggle with his Father about his older brother, Drew, who suffered a traumatic brain injury years ago. Although Lauren and Eli have had their differences in the past, as they work together they begin to have a better understanding of their shared past and are able to explore the possibility of a new and different future.

This story shows how they navigate some very difficult situations - including illness, misunderstanding, an impending hurricane! - and still find some hope.

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