Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review of "Switched!" by Bill Myers

The topic of this, our fifth book in the 'TJ and the Time Stumblers' series, is Forgiveness.  Continuing on her journey to becoming a great world leader (and bringing back the hula hoop!), 13 year old TJ Finkelstein learns how to put herself in someone else's shoes - literally, as there is yet another malfunction of one of Tuna and Herby's special tools.  We discover TJ REALLY can't sing, and Hester Breakahart's life just isn't all that awesome behind the scenes.

This book teaches a great lesson on the importance of forgiveness, and that a little understanding goes a long way.  Especially if you have to go to school with Hester Breakahart. :)

This is an excellent series for your pre-teens and early teens.

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