Monday, July 8, 2013

Review of "AAAArgh!!!" by Bill Myers

The second book in the series TJ and the Time Stumblers, "AAAArgh!!!" focuses again on 13 year old TJ Finkelstein, who is being observed by two characters from the future (23rd century!), who have chosen her as a case-study for their history project.

In this episode, TJ's decision to use the well-meaning Tuna & Herby's book report on Treasure Island (written by Robert Louis Stevenson himself, time-ported in!) has long reaching decisions from her cheating.....will she finally do the right thing?

Meanwhile, next door neighbor Chad has his own problems, as Doug Cloudlouper is pressuring him to use his special jet-engine surfboard in the upcoming competition.  Chad thinks it's like cheating, but Doug repeatedly tells him, "It's only cheating if you get caught!"

A great life lesson on consequences of cheating told in an enjoyable and non-preachy way - I recommend this book!

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