Friday, July 5, 2013

Review of "C.S. Lewis: A Life" by Alister McGrath

This is an extensive, thoroughly-researched book on the life of C.S. Lewis.  Published in honor of the 50th anniversary year of his passing, Alister McGrath's book takes a chronological view.  Combining known information, personal correspondence, literary works, and more, Mr. McGrath provides an extremely detail-oriented book that seems light on speculation and heavy on documented research.

My opinion?  I'm a fiction girl - light on the details, give me a story!  This was truthfully a challenging book for me to "get into" and finish.  However, in the end I am glad I started and did complete it, as I now have a much better understanding of this author as well as the time period and geography that are discussed.  I have long enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia books and was excited to pass them on to my daughter this past year.  It was so interesting to learn more about the background and thought process behind that series, as well as his other works.

I recommend this book.

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