Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review of "Ho-Ho-Nooo!" by Bill Myers

TJ Finkelstein and her friends are back for more in the fourth book of the 'TJ and the Time Stumblers' series.  "Ho-Ho-Nooo!" focuses on the true meaning of Christmas, and it isn't something you can buy in a store.  23rd century time travelers Tuna & Herby are still with us (nope, no fuel for their time-travel pod yet) and they are causing as many hijinks as before.
In this installment, TJ works and works to make money for a special Christmas gift for her dad (she is partly motivated to beat out her sister, Violet, and partly wants to help with the household finances as her Dad has just been laid off).

TJ learns that just maybe, even in the possession-focused city she lives in, that gifts for Christmas aren't always tangible.  I recommend this book and entire series.

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