Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review of "I Still Believe" by Jeremy Camp with David Thomas

Singer-Songwriter Jeremy Camp's songs are fairly well-known in the Christian music industry (and even outside of it), and his autobiography shares the backstory behind the music and songs.  Jeremy has lived a varied and interesting life to date, some would certainly say with more than his fair share of tragedy.  His journey is a great example of God working through even some very difficult times and how they have been used to encourage others.

Jeremy begins the book with the story of his parents' journey to faith.  Although his parents were former drug users and truly had a miraculous experience to meet Jesus, he grew up in a Christian home.  For a number of reasons they lived not only paycheck to paycheck and many times (almost) went without, yet God always provided - cars, food, clothing, etc.  This certainly shaped Jeremy and contributed to his spiritual growth as well, as he saw some very specific miracles!  I won't retell the entire book here, but you can easily see that God was strengthening his faith even then which prepared him for some of the difficult things to come.

Much has been told about Jeremy's first wife, Melissa, dying of cancer shortly after their wedding, and it is a challenging and yet inspiring story.  Jeremy gives a great deal of insight to this part of his journey as well as shares how some of his hit songs were written.  He also details his meeting, courtship, and marriage to Adrienne and their family as it is today.  On a personal note, I thought it was fun to see someone who I knew from church camp mentioned in the book (a rep from his record label).

I read this very quickly - it was engaging and easy to read.  You too will be inspired and touched by this story.

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