Friday, June 15, 2012

Review of "The Shadow of Your Smile" by Susan May Warren

I love coming back to Deep Haven, and I don't even like snow!  :)

Noelle & Eli Hueston have been married for many years, but the last few have been, well, worse than routine.  Struggling already, things were compounded by the death of their only daughter, and at the point we meet them, they have genuinely lost their way.  The book begins with Noelle attempting to evade a robbery when she slips and falls on a patch of ice and suffers a head injury, which in turn causes some pretty serious amnesia.  She doesn't remember being married or her children, she definitely doesn't remember her daughter Kelsey, and she thinks she is in college -she is very upset that her (deceased) parents won't come visit her in the hospital!  You can imagine the confusion this causes, as the amnesia lasts for some time.

There are also several great "sub"-story, one that includes her oldest son & Kelsey's best friend, and I really enjoyed how they were all tied together in the end.  This book deals with a number of serious issues and still manages to retain a sense of humor and emotional pull, all without being overdone.  Well played, Susan May Warren!

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