Friday, June 15, 2012

Review of "Attracted to Fire" by DiAnn Mills

I have read numerous books about the police, FBI, CIA, etc. but don't typically come across (fiction) books about the Secret Service.  So, reading "Attracted to Fire" was fun!  Special Agent Meghan Connors is currently assigned to protect the VP's daughter, who has a reputation for not only being badly behaved, she has a drug problem.  Meghan, daughter 'protectee' Lindsay, and the other agents are sent to a ranch in Texas for Lindsay to receive treatment and be out of the public eye.  While they are there some very strange and dangerous things begin to occur.  There is also romantic tension with the Special Agent in Charge (I had fun figuring out some of the abbreviations) Ash Zinders.  Overall Meghan is to be admired, Ash eventually has a softer side, and there is a mystery to solve - who can be trusted?  Whose motives are pure and whose are deadly?

I've read a few other books by DiAnn Mills and this was definitely one of my favorites.

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